DIY Micro USB-C to 3.5mm Adapter and Headphone Amplifier (Part 4)

DIY Micro Headphone Amplifier with ALC 4042 USB DAC and INA1620 IC front

This is going to be the last part of DIY USB-C adapter and micro amplifier post series. Today, I will show, how the amplifier was fully assembled to a fully finished device. Table of contents Previous parts for this topic Device’s construction The ALC4042 USB-C DAC The INA1620 amplifier board Whole assembly and final thoughts … Read more

DIY Micro USB-C to 3.5mm Adapter and Headphone Amplifier (Part 3)

DIY tiny headphone amplifier INA1620 TPS65135 front

Today is the continuation of the DIY micro headphone amplifier. I have already talked about it in my previous two posts where I have introduced the idea with a prototype and where I have talked about custom made PCB dedicated for this project. So, todays topic is how I have soldered the amplifier. Other post … Read more

How to measure temperature with Arduino and a cheap LM35 sensor

Arduino LM35 reading temperature front

There are times when you need to measure temperature with your Arduino board. There are lots of different temperature sensors, most of them reads out data via digital interface. In this post I am going to talk about a simple analog temperature sensor LM35, which reads out temperature as a voltage value. Table of contents … Read more

DIY portable headphone amplifier based on an INA1620 chip and TPS65135

INA1620 DIY headphone amplifier front

Today’s topic is going to be related to audio amplifiers. Particularly a headphone amplifier based on an INA1620 IC. There are going to be two main parts of this post – the first one about the amplifier and its construction, and the second – about my attempt to measure how well it performs. Other post … Read more