How to measure temperature with Arduino and a cheap LM35 sensor

Arduino LM35 reading temperature front

There are times when you need to measure temperature with your Arduino board. There are lots of different temperature sensors, most of them reads out data via digital interface. In this post I am going to talk about a simple analog temperature sensor LM35, which reads out temperature as a voltage value. Table of contents … Read more

Controlling DSP (volume) in software, external hardware and with an MCU

DSP external hardware control - encoder button potentiometer arduino

This time let us talk about one Sigma DSP (ADAU1401) function – volume control, realized in various ways. From previous part about DSP programming we already know that it is possible to control DSP’s output volume directly from the Sigma Studio’s graphical interface. Of course, this is not a convenient solution, because you will need … Read more

How to use LVGL library – Arduino on an ESP-32 and SPI LCD

lvgl tutorial SPI touch main label and buttons event

This post is going to be a tutorial – how to use LVGL (Light and Versatile Graphics Library) with an ESP-32 microprocessor running Arduino framework. So, I have decided to write about it, because when I tried to learn more about it myself, there wasn’t a lot of information, tutorials and/or examples using the library … Read more

Arduino BQ24295 battery charger library (DIY generator part 14)

Arduino BQ24295 library by Daumemo front

This post is going to be a short one about my Arduino battery charger (based on BQ24295 IC) library. As it was written earlier, the portable DIY generator has a battery charging circuit. Its main component – BQ24295 IC is not a simple Li-Ion/Li-Po charger. Its working parameters or status readings can be transferred through … Read more

IPS LCD, ESP32 with eSPI library and Touch screen (DIY Generator Part 9)

ESP32 eSPI LCD with Touch FT6236 front

Finally, a bit of a progress with the generator. This post will be about some experiences with the LCD, eSPI library and touch. Links to project’s all posts VCA822 Gain Amplifier Circuit LM7171 Offset Circuit Gain and Offset Control Filter Circuit Dual 5V Power Supply Dual 12V TPS65131 Power Supply Battery Charging Circuit with BQ24295 … Read more