DIY Signal Generator – Basic WEB Interface (Part 7)

Diy generator web main interface front

Let’s continue building a signal generator and take another step by making a basic web interface. In this context ‘basic’ means a starting point from which interface could be made more advanced with added features, logic, design elements etc. Note, I started talking about WEB interface, which means that I have almost decided on an … Read more

DIY signal generator – battery charging circuit with BQ24295 (part 6)

Battery charger BQ24295 front pcb for a diy generator

Yet another step towards DIY signal generator’s design finish line. This time it is a battery charging circuit based on a Texas Instruments BQ24295 chip. In previous parts I have mentioned that the generator needs to be powered from a battery. So, this circuit is going to be the one responsible for making it possible. … Read more