Gift ideas for DIY electronics enthusiast from my own electronics development setup

my electronics setup gift ideas front

This is going to be a list of tools and equipment which I personally use when developing some DIY electronics. This list can be used as a reference list what you might need as a starting point. Also, you might find some parts as a great gift ideas for a DIY electronics tinkerer. Table of … Read more

Analog dimming reduces LED flicker and its effects

Analog LED brightness control front

Lots of LED strip control circuits use Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to control light brightness. Although it is quite simple method, it creates (sometimes) unwanted phenomenon called flicker. While usually unnoticed by a human eye, flicker can still cause some discomfort to the individual. To reduce LED flicker, a high PWM frequency or analog control … Read more

Arduino BQ24295 battery charger library (DIY generator part 14)

Arduino BQ24295 library by Daumemo front

This post is going to be a short one about my Arduino battery charger (based on BQ24295 IC) library. As it was written earlier, the portable DIY generator has a battery charging circuit. Its main component – BQ24295 IC is not a simple Li-Ion/Li-Po charger. Its working parameters or status readings can be transferred through … Read more

DIY Generator – AD9833 library and further output noise reduction (part 13)

AD9833 library front

Today’s post is going to be about two little things. The first one – AD9833 Arduino library which is used to set IC’s output parameters. The second one – I have found out some interesting things about +- 12V converter’s output noise and a way to reduce it. Links to project’s all posts VCA822 Gain … Read more